One big Viking and the ambition to bake the best baguette in dubai.

Growing up in the Nordic region the Viking's father used to bake the most delicious variations of bread,but all he ever wanted was what his father never baked: Baguettes.

During the pandemic lockdown of spring 2020, the workload in the Viking's 9-5 job was close to unbearable, and as therapy, he started to bake. After a while it became clear that he should concentrate on the one thing he never had during those early childhood years - crispy French baguettes.

With a clear vision to bake the best baguettes in Dubai, the Viking set off on a journey. He approached baking from a scientific point of view; ingredients were measured to 1/10th of a gram, proofing times calculated depending on dough temperature, and the time in the oven would be precise to the second. The result?… Magic.

Having first served friends and neighbours with his freshly made baguettes on weekends, demand and reputation increased, and now it's our pleasure to offer you the chance to indulge in this quality homemade bread from Viking Bageri.