Such an easy word to say, such a hard bread to master.

The process of making a baguette takes a little time, requires a lot of patience and heaps of passion. But the end result - this simple, yet rustic bread - is extremely rewarding. Possibly the best baguette in Dubai…

If we are to get technical, our baguettes are made of a dough with a 77% hydration level, we use 0.3% yeast, and it’s cold proofed for at least 14 hours. And, of course, there are no additives or preservatives, therefore best enjoyed fresh from the oven.

It’s baked in two sessions, one in a high temperature oven with steam in order to get the right “oven spring”, and one without steam and at a lower temperature to get the right crispiness without browning the baguette too much. The result is beautiful, rustic bread.

Enjoy quality homemade bread fresh from the Viking Bageri.